Q. Can I buy my private car as private buyer?
A. Yes, you can. Please check your country's registration and the cost for importation before purchasing.
We can introduce our clearing agent if you want.
Q. Can I buy a car which is not on the stock list?
A. No, unfortunately. We are selling vehicles through the stock list and they are all we have.
Please note it is updated everyday.
Q. Does your company inspect the car?
A. Yes, we check all the units before selling and we make sure they are all in good condition mechanically.
Q. How do I know about the condition of the car?
A. They are all in good condition mechanically. We are showing closer pictures for scraches and dents.


Q. How do I make payment?
A. You can make the payment by Telegraphic transfer (TT). We do not accept any other payment.
For Kenyan Customers, Local bank account is available.
Q. Do you accept credit card?
A. No, we do not accept credit card.
Q. What is your bank details?
A. Our bank details are on the invoice.
Q. What is your payment term?
A. Within a week from the invoice date.
Q. Can I cancel my purchase order?
A. Yes, you can, but we are NOT comfortable with cancelation.
Please check all the details before placing an order.


Q. Do you inspect the cars before shipping?
A. We inspect BEFORE selling. Inspect company will if needed.
Q. How long will it take to receive the car at the port?
A. We will ship your unit(s) as soon as confirming your payment. It takes 30-40 days on board.
Q. Do you accept 50% payment before shipping and rest of 50% against B/L?
A. Yes. Please finish the balance 2 weeks before ETA(Estimated time of arrival).
We willl have to cancel your order if you delay, and cancelation fee will be 10% of the agreed C&F price in that case.
Q. What are C&F and CIF?
A. C&F: Car Cost, Inspection fee if your government requires, and Ocean Freight to your port.
CIF: Car Cost, Inspection fee if your government requires, Marine Insurance, and Ocean Freight to your port.